Benjamin Sanford

Of War and Heroes


What defines a hero? Are heroes born, or created? Will Terin’s heroic attempts to thwart the gargoyles prevail, or will the kingdoms of Arax fall to their vicious attacks? 
Find out in Of War and Heroes, Book One in The Chronicles of Arax.

The Siege of Correl


Will Terin finally unlock the secrets of the ancient weapon that is guiding his journey and discover his true origin, or will his destiny be too heavy a burden to bear? 

Found out who will live, and who will die in The Siege of Correl: Book Two in the Chronicles of Arax.

The Battle of Yatin


Will the truth about his bloodline be enough to help Terin defeat the gargoyles and save the Yatin Empire? Or will this new revelation be the thing that destroys him and humankind forever? 

Find out in The Battle of Yatin: Book Three in The Chronicles of Arax.

The Making of a King


As wars rage all across Arax leaving nations crippled, friends killed, and family ties severed, one person must rise to the challenge and lead the Torry Realm to victory, or die trying. 

Find out what happens next in The Making of a King: Book Four in The Chronicles of Arax.

The Battle of Torry North


With the forces of friend and foe converging upon Corell, The Battle of Torry North will decide the fate of the Torry Realm, the war and perhaps mankind itself. Who will rise to victory? 

Sometimes, the most important battles we fight are not against the enemy, but within ourselves.

Fall of Empires


The fate of the Arax nations rests on the shoulders of The Chosen. Find out who will rise to victory and who will be defeated.

Find out in Fall of EMpires: Book Six in The Chronicles of Arax.