Benjamin Sanford

The Chronicles of Arax

The Siege of Correl

Book Two

“The enemy is at the gates, and we must unite against them.”

Tyro’s forces are growing stronger by the day, as is his wrath against Terin and his friends. Now in possession of Terin’s mysterious necklace, Tyro sets his sights on the Torry realm leaving nothing but destruction in his wake. 

Separated from the rest of his friends, Terin desperately attempts to get back to his native land, stopping only to assist the raging battles in the Yatin Empire and Correl. With each passing fight he is learning to follow the direction of his father’s ancient sword–its full powers yet to be revealed to him. 

Meanwhile, Cronus has escaped the lairs of Fera with some help from his friends and now they must navigate the treacherous lands of the Benotrist realm to return to the Stenox in hopes of reuniting with the rest of their crew and stopping Tyro once and for all. 

But with Tyro’s fury spreading all across Arax like wildfire, will the kingdoms of Arax ban together to fight this common enemy, or be destroyed by their own hatred toward one another? 

Will Terin finally unlock the secrets of the ancient weapon that is guiding his journey and discover his true origin, or will his destiny be too heavy a burden to bear? 

Found out who will live, and who will die in The Siege of Correl: Book Two in the Chronicles of Arax.  

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The Siege of Correl

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