Benjamin Sanford

The Chronicles of Arax

The Making of a King

Book Four

“He wasn’t chained and helpless anymore. He was the blood of Kal, the champion of the Torry Realm, and the Sword of Yah.”

The victory in Yatin came at a price. Terin has been captured and held hostage by Darna, 3rd guardian of the Federation. Princess Corry will stop at nothing to bring him home to the Torry Realm, even if it means putting her only hope in Captain Raven and his ragtag crew of Apes and Earthers. She sets sail with them aboard the Stenox, anxious to rescue Terin before it’s too late. 

Even though everything in Terin wants to break free of his bondage as a slave, he is learning to listen and follow the still small voice of Yah to guide his next move. And yet, even the visions gifted to him by Yah can’t stop the desire for vengeance bubbling in Terin’s heart with each passing day. His bones ache to retrieve his sword and conquer Tyro’s Empire. But what exactly is driving this longing–is it his own thirst for vengeance, or a yearning to do what is right? Will Terin’s pride stand in the way of fulfilling his destiny and vanquishing the gargoyles? 

Meanwhile, Tyro has discovered that Terin must be his kin. He becomes obsessed with finding his lost son and bringing him to his proper place in the Empire. But his plans to reunite his family may come at a devastating cost, and could destroy the very thing he is trying to achieve.

As wars rage all across Arax leaving nations crippled, friends killed, and family ties severed, one person must rise to the challenge and lead the Torry Realm to victory, or die trying. 

Find out what happens next in The Making of a King: Book Four in The Chronicles of Arax.

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The Making of a King

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