Benjamin Sanford

The Chronicles of Arax

The Battle of Yatin

Book Three

“You are seeking answers with your mind, yet to find Yah, you must use your heart.” Squid Antillius

While the victory at Corell has stopped Tyro from invading the Torry Realm for the time being, the war still rages in Yatin, growing more and more dire by the day. The fate of the Torry Realm hangs in the balance, their only hope for survival dependent on the battle in Yatin. 

Terin, who has just received membership into the Torry Elite, is preparing to join the fight in Yatin where they desperately need his ancient sword and deadly impact on the gargoyle armies.

Before he sets out on his journey, Terin’s father Jonas confides in him the true reason that he and he alone has the power to slay the gargoyles. A secret that his father has kept locked away for decades, but that now must be revealed to help Terin in his plight; a secret that goes back all the way to the days of Kal, a human champion selected by the creator Yah to vanquish the gargoyle curse once and for all. 

With the help of Yah, Kal unified mankind into one kingdom and drove the gargoyles to the brink of extinction. Yet Kal was unable to complete his divine mission when his life was cut short, ending this golden age of prosperity for humankind and heralding the beginning of an endless war between gargoyles and humans. 

Now, it is up to Terin to finish the mission that Kal started two and a half millennia ago. But Terin’s ancestry is not the only secret that Jonas has been keeping from his son. 

Will the truth about his bloodline be enough to help Terin defeat the gargoyles and save the Yatin Empire? Or will this new revelation be the thing that destroys him and humankind forever? 

Find out in The Battle of Yatin: Book Three in The Chronicles of Arax.

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The Battle of Yatin

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