Benjamin Sanford

The Chronicles of Arax

The Battle of Torry North

Book Five

“She then knew that that was their great hope, all the people of Arax united in cause and purpose to bring down the tyrant threatening to destroy them all.” 

After the complete destruction of the Ape Fleet and crippling of The Stenox, the fate of Arax now hangs in the balance.  

The Troan armies must rally together with what is left of their Ape and Earther allies to cobble together a last defense against Tyro, his sights set once again on Corell; and this time, he won’t accept defeat. In preparation, Lord Morac has begun gathering even greater numbers than before to ensure he doesn’t suffer another massacre. To counteract this impending attack, Prince Lorn mobilizes his men and Macon allies to Torry North’s defense– he just hopes they can get there in time. Terin, reunited with his father’s sword, is still struggling to grasp the new powers it evokes as he prepares once again to defend his homeland.

If Corell falls to the gargoyles, it would mean victory for Tyro in conquering Arax and bringing the entire realm under a single rule. But with rebels infiltrating his Benotrist Empire, another defeat at Corell could bring the Empire to its knees.

The stakes have never been higher, and everyone must find their rightful place in defending the Torry Realm, the fate of which could decide the outcome of the war for all of mankind. 

Find out who will rise to victory in the highly anticipated The Battle of Torry North: Book Five in the Chronicles of Arax

With the forces of friend and foe converging upon Corell, the Battle of Torry North will decide the fate of the Torry Realm, the war and perhaps mankind itself. Who will rise to victory? 

Sometimes, the most important battles we fight are not against the enemy, but within ourselves.

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The Battle of Torry North

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