Benjamin Sanford

The Free Born Saga

Free Born

Book One

Ethan Blagen may be the first person born in Elaria immune to the effects of magic, but he is not immune to his royal duties to the throne. Despite his verbal disdain for ruling over other people, his rejection of noble customs, and rebellious attitude, Ethan’s father King Bronus is determined to make sure Ethan submits to his rightful place as the next King of Astaria – and is willing to do anything necessary to make that happen.

But Ethan isn’t willing to just accept his fate. 

When an intriguing interdimensional portal appears, Ethan is the only one who can cross to the other side. When he does, he swiftly finds himself transported to the wild west prairies of Texas, where there is no magic, and men are free so long as they can draw their pistol faster than their opponent.

Ethan quickly assimilates into the small Texas town of Red Rock taking on the duties of Deputy Sheriff. While he immediately finds this strange new land more to his liking, where his nobility is unknown, men don’t rule over other men, and he is free to choose his own destiny, a bizarre vision calls him back home to his own world where war is about to break out amongst the nations.

Now Ethan must make a choice between fighting for his own country, or returning to the land where he can finally be free. But like all things, freedom must come at a cost.  

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Free Born

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