Benjamin Sanford

The Chronicles of Arax

Fall of Empires

Book Six

“There is no greater love than one willing to give up one’s life for a friend.”

While King Lorn and his allies are encouraged over their victory at Corell, the road ahead of them to end this war against Tyro is bitter and fraught with impossible choices. Despite his confidence in Yah to lead them to victory, King Lorn finds the deity strangely silent, causing him to question his own decision making as he sends the people he loves into harm’s way.

When supernatural visions suddenly strike those around him portraying a final, gruesome battle, King Lorn is forced to blindly follow a path mapped out for him by Deva, who has been gifted with the ability to select those “Chosen” for the final battle.

As one by one the Benotrist allies fall and Tyro’s defeat seems imminent, one final battle stands in the way of Arax ridding itself of the gargoyle curse once and for all. As the new Chosen are preparing to make the trek, no one can tell for certain what will await them – or who, if any, will make it out alive.

The fate of the Arax nations rests on the shoulders of The Chosen. Find out who will rise to victory and who will be defeated in Fall of Empires: Book Six of The Chronicles of Arax.

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Fall of Empires

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