Benjamin Sanford

The Free Born Saga


Book Two

The one thing Ethan Blagen valued more than anything else in life was freedom, and the ability to come and go as he pleased. Yet it was this very freedom that House Loria stripped from him to fulfill their ancient prophecies. 

Now, to save his family, Ethan must serve House Loria forever as the royal consort to Princess Alesha, and the last missing link they need to rule over all of Elaria forever. 

Enslaved to their will, Ethan is unable to visit his family or friends back in Red Rock, his destiny now locked with that of House Loria. The only thing more upsetting than this miserable slavehood is how the woman he loved betrayed him to serve her own desires. 

But Princess Alesha harbors her own secrets. Has she truly trapped Ethan, or does her burning love for him overcome her desire for his power? As the two continue to share in each other’s company, Alesha feels her loyalty toward House Loria giving way to her loyalty toward Ethan, making her wonder if the ancient prophecies that bound Ethan to her were misread, or part of a much bigger destiny they cannot comprehend.

Before she can grasp the full power that Ethan’s presence has on her realm, forces far greater and darker than anyone could imagine threaten to rip Elaria apart at the seams. To save the entire realm from total destruction, foes will become friends, new powers will be revealed, and destinies will be changed forever. 

Find out what happens next in the Free Born Saga.

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